Rush Hour (1998) – movie review

rush hour

If Rumble in the Bronx taught me anything, it was that Jackie Chan is the master of visual comedy in the martial arts style. If Rush Hour taught me anything, it was that Chris Tucker isn’t always the center of my hatred.

Rush Hour is an American martial arts cop comedy which follows Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) who is assigned by the FBI to distract an “interfering” (yet highly skilled) detective from getting in the way of an important kidnapping case, Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan).

Jackie Chan is known for his incredible martial arts skills, real stunts, creative fight scenes and funny facial expressions. Chris Tucker is known for his high-pitched voice, bad comedy (half of the time) and generator of nightmares thanks to one particularly annoying character in The Fifth ElementRush Hour seemed to have brought these two actors together and slightly bring them to an equal level. Chris Tucker isn’t annoying and Jackie Chan isn’t as funny as usual.

Before I watched Rush Hour, I assumed that this would be a Jackie Chan martial arts comedy as the foreground with some witty remarks from Chris Tucker in the background. What I watched was a not-so-annoying Chris Tucker buddy movie where the buddy got into a fight whenever it was called for.

Chris Tucker wasn’t particularly funny in Rush Hour but he was needed in order for the story to progress. Without him it would’ve been another Jackie Chan movie but with a less-than-average story. Chris Tucker elevates the story to a more satisfactional level. Not a great script but still…

If I’ll remember Rush Hour for anything, it will be the fight scenes. The fight scenes in Rush Hour more than make up for the fact that the comedy wasn’t up-to-par with Jackie Chan’s previous work.

Rush Hour is an enjoyable film. It’s got some great fight scenes to aid a script that could’ve been improved on and could’ve been funnier. But it is an enjoyable film. Jackie Chan further proves he’s the master of martial arts comedy and Chris Tucker proves he isn’t just the annoying pop star from The Fifth Element.

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