The Revenant (2015) – movie review

the revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t starred in a film since The Wolf of Wall Street (now 3 years ago) and I’m certain he’s going to be taking a couple more years to recover from the hypothermia he got from making The Revenant.

The Revenant is a historical epic which follows Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he ventures across a freezing America in search of exacting revenge on the man who killed his son and left him for dead.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu demonstrated his directing powers when he directed last year’s Academy Award winning Birdman. He again proves his directing powers with The Revenant by filming entirely in nature and using many one-take shots for intense scenes.

The Revenant‘s discipline of filming entirely in nature pays off with the outcome of making the cinema feel colder than it actually is. When Leo is cold, I felt cold. When Leo is in pain, I felt in pain.

As expected when you cast two main actors who are brilliant in everything, The Revenant‘s performances are great. Leonardo DiCaprio may not deserve the Oscar with this one, but it does deserve a nomination. And Tom Hardy has jumped around in many different roles over the past decade but none have been quite as powerful as his in The Revenant. From his thick accent to the way he walks, Tom Hardy has made me actively hate him in one movie (The Revenant) and made me love him in another (Mad Max: Fury Road).

Although despite the brilliant directing and strong performances, The Revenant is held back from having a highly dragged-out story. The Revenant is 2 hours and a half when it really needs to be just 1 and a half. There are too many scenes that add nothing to the story and make me rub my knees to generate heat out of boredom (and fear of hypothermia)

The Revenant is a well directed film with some strong performances and amazing scenery. However if the story wasn’t an hour longer than it needed to be, it might’ve been perfect.

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