Daddy’s Home (2015) – movie review


Is Daddy’s Home a work of art? Is it a masterpiece in filmmaking? Or is it Will Ferrell throwing a basketball at a cheerleader? I’m kind of torn…

Daddy’s Home follows Brad (Will Ferrell), a smooth-jazz radio executive who struggles to gain the affection of his step children and how that struggle becomes even more difficult when their biological father (Mark Wahlberg) comes for a visit.

Daddy’s Home, much like any other Will Ferrell film is above all, funny. It’s an enjoyable experience that is very easy to watch and one that I wouldn’t object to seeing again. However there are quite a few problems regarding everything other than enjoyability.

As expected of most modern comedies, the characters aren’t developed well at all. Will Ferrell’s character is an uneven mixture of Mr. Goody Two-Shoes and a guy that throws basketballs at cheerleaders. The kid’s characters are very hard to connect with as they’re shown as these evil patrons of Satan Jr. who decide who they like more based on money. Linda Cardellini’s character (the mum) isn’t quite the same character from start to finish. Her actions are being dragged along by the story rather than her actions driving the story. And the story can’t make up it’s mind on whether we’re supposed to like Mark Wahlberg’s character or not.

However the characters luckily weren’t performed as bad as they were written. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are very watchable and fit well into the roles that they were given.

The story doesn’t move along at the pace that it should with the first act lasting 60% of the film and the third act lasting 5%. But with less-than-average storytelling comes the responsibility of entertaining the audience, which Daddy’s Home does greatly.

As opposed to Get Hard‘s “If Will Ferrell gets hurt, it’s funny” technique in delivering comedy, Daddy’s Home does use a mix of slapstick and dialogue to present humour. Which adds a great feeling of watchability to the film.

Daddy’s Home‘s script could’ve been much better thought out and the characters could’ve been more relatable but the film is light, funny and entertaining. And in the end, isn’t that all we want?

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