Boyhood (2014) – movie review


Have you ever wanted to see someone growing up on the big screen? Well have I got the Oscar-snubbed masterpiece for you!

Boyhood is written and directed by Richard Linklater and it’s a film that recounts a boy’s life as he leaves childhood and ventures through teenhood. Complete with imperfect families, confusing relationships and peer pressure.

Boyhood is one of those rare perfect films that comes along every half decade that has no faults whatsoever. I spent a long time thinking of as many quarrels with the film as I could come up with and I thought of exactly… none.

Richard Linklater directed this film over a couple of weeks every year for 12 years using the same brilliant cast to keep the feel that we are watching a reality instead of a movie which is one of the greatest pleasures of Boyhood. The other greatest pleasure of Boyhood is that the writing is perfect. The dialogue and characters and order of events is so perfectly constructed that I’m finding it harder and harder to come to grips with the fact that this is fiction.

Every actor in Boyhood is superb to the extent that Ethan Hawke makes me forget he’s Ethan Hawke. Ellar Coltrane who plays the boy in question is amazing. A huge responsibility is a little word when talking about this role and Ellar Coltrane nails it completely. Not to mention Patricia Arquette’s equally significant role as the boy’s mother which is done brilliantly.

I bought Boyhood on DVD as soon as it was released because I knew that Boyhood was more than a film, it’s an experience. It’s an experience that makes you forget who you are and makes you think you’re living someone else’s life.

I tip my hat to the producer who said yes to the pitch of Boyhood because it was probably one of the biggest risks in film history and it more than payed off. Boyhood is a perfect film that with amazing performances, spot-on writing and masterful directing manages to capture the most complex word in the English dictionary in a film. The word being; Life.

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