City Lights (1931) – movie review

Poster - City Lights_01

City Lights follows Charlie Chaplin’s iconic “Tramp” in a simple story of love at first sight and the miscellaneous adventures that arise from the pursuit of money.

I have never seen a Charlie Chaplin film before City Lights (and I still haven’t seen any others) but from the opening scene I could already tell that I was being introduced to what is now one of my favorite characters in film. The Tramp is this eternally penned clown of cinema that is the center and the coating of City Lights.

The concept of City Lights is that The Tramp has fallen in love with a blind girl who sells flowers and wishes to pay for the treatment of her eyesight. But since The Tramp is homeless, he must find a way of acquiring the money for the operation, which leads to the multiple scenarios of visual hilariosity that make up the film.

City Lights is a simple story with simple humour which is executed so brilliantly and with such a great character at the helm. Which gives City Lights it’s greatest asset; it’s simplicity. I would be more than  happy to rewatch City Lights as I know it won’t require much thought or attention to detail and all it would ensue is laughter.

City Lights is the only Charlie Chaplin film that I have ever seen and it is so simplistically brilliant that I am now encouraged to watch and enjoy all of his work as The Tramp. And I hope you will be too.

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