Creed (2015) – movie review


So earlier today I saw Rocky 7… I mean Creed. And it feels good to say that I was pleasantly surprised with Rocky 7… I mean Creed.

Creed follows Adonis Johnson, son of famed (fictional) boxer Apollo Creed, the same man who gave Rocky Balboa his first shot at the big league. Years after Apollo Creed’s death, Adonis Johnson moves away from L.A. to Philadelphia where he seeks the training of Rocky Balboa to become a better boxer.

Creed‘s story is similar to the original Rocky in many ways. Rocky was about a boxer from the slums of Philadelphia who trained his hardest and got a shot at the big time. Creed follows a boxer from the riches of L.A. who moves to Philadelphia, trains his hardest and gets his shot at the big time. Even though Creed may be another instalment in the Rocky franchise, it feels more like a reboot of the original but with a different character at the helm.

Michael B. Jordan gives a great performance as Adonis Johnson and Sylvester Stallone proves that he hasn’t gotten lost in his modern repertoire of explosive action films by revitalising the layered character that made his name a household one, and stopping Creed from feeling like a forced sequel.

The fight scenes in Creed are shot and directed so well that my torso was turning in sync with the punches in the ring. And when I say they feel realistic… they feel realistic. So if you don’t like violence, I wouldn’t recommend Creed.

A large part of Creed‘s separation from the humdrum of most modern sport films is the depth of the characters. Michael B. Jordan’s performance paired with the writing of his character make for excellent drama and a well made character study.

All-in-all, I have nothing bad to say about Creed. It’s a well made sport film with good writing, great performances, exciting fight scenes and Sylvester Stallone. What’s not to like? Although steer clear if you don’t like to see people hit the floor.

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