Spectre (2015) – movie review


James Bond films are known for the action, car chases, gunfights, bad one-liners, badass character development and womanising. Skyfall toned all of these down in order to have a darker-toned Bond film which wasn’t too bad but I felt it missed something. Spectre got rid of the dark back-story that I personally don’t care about and brought back all of the things that made the Sean Connery Bond great. Which I absolutely love.

Spectre is the 24th James Bond film to hit cinemas since 1962’s Dr. No and the 4th James Bond film to star Daniel Craig. Spectre follows James Bond as he follows a message given to him by the late M (Judi Dench’s M) which spirals him into a standard James Bond movie with action, cars, explosions and a love story.

Even though Spectre veers away from the dark and serious story that Skyfall had (which I admire), it seems to have veered a bit too much in the right direction. The story of Spectre is simple yet with flaws.

The main problem I have with Spectre‘s story is that the final act gives the impression that this is the end of the franchise. A badly written end. The other main problem I have with the story is that it spends more time on the recent backstory of James Bond than I would prefer.

Despite the writing flaws and my dislike of the ending, Spectre does showcase some great James Bond flare that’s been missing for a while. Spectre seems have this obscure Sean Connery aroma to it with it’s exciting action, great James Bond quips, similar structure to the classics and it’s general Bond-ness.

So Spectre may not have a great script for an action movie and it could have been improved, but it contains all the key ingredients for a great Bond film with a little hint of the classic Bond that Skyfall tried to hide. If you’re a fan of the old Bond films… watch Spectre. If you’re not… watch Dr. No.

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