It Follows (2015) – movie review

it follows

If someone were to ask me what It Follows is about, I’d just repeat the title for this film back to them because it explains everything.

It Follows is a slasher film without any slashing that follows Jay, a college student who bears the curse of being followed by “it”. “It” is a lifeless shapeshifting entity that follows Jay endlessly with intentions of killing her because she bears the curse that’s passed on through… intercourse?

It Follows‘s concept may sound off-putting on paper but when it is shown on screen presented with David Robert Mitchell’s directing, it proves itself to be one of the most inventive and frightfully original stories of modern horror.

Along with an interesting concept, It Follows displays many unnoticed writing techniques and decisions that define the story to create a horror film that not only borrows from earlier efforts, it perfects.

I’d like to compare It Follows to Psycho (the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, not the Vince Vaughn one) in the sense that it’s horror isn’t delivered through numerous jumpscares scattered around the film as much as it is delivered with constant paranoia for the characters in the situation.

With its masterful directing, amazing writing, pleasing cinematography and sense of constant paranoia, It Follows is a stunning horror film that all future horror films should aspire to be.

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