The African Queen (1952) – movie review


I never thought I’d see Humphrey Bogart smile. That’s the only thing that The African Queen did for me.

The African Queen is a classic rom-com starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn as a boater and a missionary (respectively) who trek their steamboat (The African Queen) through a forest whilst turning it into a torpedo. Yea. Still a rom-com though.

Personally, I can’t stand Humphrey Bogart. He never changes himself for a character, he can’t act and I find his voice annoying. So I was surprised to see that I actually liked him in The African Queen. The only change is that he’s happy. That’s it.

The chemistry between Bogart and Hepburn is the second best part of this film. Because you do start to experience this tension of love between the two characters as the movie very slowly treks along whilst dropping in parts of the best part of this film, it’s horrible production.

The cinematography is ugly, the green-screen’s are completely in view, the continuity is all over the place and one part of the production that I love, is the action scenes. There are a couple of scenes where the boat is being damaged by a storm or it’s in a rapid. During these scenes, the wide shots are quite clearly just rigid dolls in a toy boat in a tiny little river (or bathtub or whatever they used).

The story is the same as any romantic comedy, except the comedy part doesn’t come from written jokes, it comes from the fact that the movie’s made so badly.

The African Queen is a light movie. The only part of the movie that was done right is that I finally got to see Humphrey Bogart happy, little dolls in a bathtub during a “storm” and some good chemistry.

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