The Walk (2015) – movie review

the walk poster hd

Every review that I’ve seen of The Walk says that you need to see it in 3D to get the full experience. I chose to see The Walk in standard format because I believe that if a film needs to be in 3D to be enjoyed, it’s not a good film. I also did this because 3D tickets are expensive.

The Walk follows the story of Phillipe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an incredibly energetic and persistent artist who wants to walk on a tightrope across the Twin Towers because it’s “impossible”.

I walked into The Walk expecting to see a boring story filled to the brim with vertigo-inducing special effects and cinematography. What I got was an interesting and entertaining story splattered with a good number of vertigo-inducing scenes.

The first half of The Walk is basically an origin film about a French boy and his passion for physical art (juggling, street tricks, wire-walking, etc.) and his training in France from Papa Rudy (played by Ben Kingsley) to be a professional street performer. The second half of The Walk is an exciting heist film later introducing the previously mentioned vertigo-inducing scenes.

Everything I could say about The Walk is positive except for one peeve, the actual “walk” scene. I was expecting the high-wire make-you-wanna-throw-up scene to be more intense and to be written with a plural (notice that it’s scene, not scenes). Joseph Gordon-Levitt is brilliant as Phillipe Petit and brings some kind of energy to the role that no one else could and Ben Kingsley is great as Papa Rudy (but the again when isn’t he?).

In the scene where Phillipe is up on the high-wire, you start to feel like you’re on the high-wire too. Robert Zemeckis has down something to the sound or the visuals that really escalate the danger of The Walk.

Robert Zemeckis’s films are usually great because of the story, his directing usually doesn’t add anything substantial to it. However with The Walk, the directing is a third of the brilliance.

The Walk combines many elements such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s energy, Robert Zemeckis’s directing, the high-wire suspense, the entertaining story and the sheer fact that it actually happened to make The Walk a great film and one that I definitely recommend you see. Although I would’ve liked to have seen more of the tightrope walking.

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