Get Hard (2015) – movie review


I know that Get Hard came out earlier in the year and is already on DVD but I’ve only just seen it and I have to ask myself a question… Am I 12 years old?

Get Hard is a comedy starring Will Ferrell as an exceedingly rich stock trader who is bound to 10 years in San Quentin for tax fraud. Upon being sentenced, he reaches out to his car washer Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) to prepare him for jail. Although Darnell has never been to prison. It’s as simple a plot as modern comedies get and it leaves a lot of space for Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart humour, which it fills to the brim.

Get Hard is exactly what you’d expect from the title and cast, a poorly made comedy with a few laughable moments in it. Although the reason I asked earlier (Am I 12 years old?) is because I actually laughed a lot during Get Hard.

I usually try to avoid these types of comedies and reserve myself for more sophisticated humour, however I laughed from start to finish during Get Hard. There isn’t much to the story and there’s nothing special about the technical specs but that is made up for with 12 year old humour. Which poses one problem with Get Hard, who’s idea was it to produce a comedy filled with 12 year old humour and infuse it with MA15+ themes?

Pacing wise, Get Hard is very slow. Kevin Hart “trains” Will Ferrell for prison for 90% of the runtime and most of that “training” is the same structure repeated; Kevin Hart makes Will Ferrell do something he doesn’t want to do, then Will Ferrell fails, then Kevin Hart says “let’s move on to something else”. That structure is repeated for 90% of Get Hard. Then the final 10% is just a poorly produced action sequence with Kevin Hart screaming in the background.

However badly made Get Hard was, I still laughed and I’m pretty sure that if you found a film with Kevin Hart appealing from the poster, you’ll laugh too.

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