The Visit (2015) – movie review


The Sixth Sense showcased a fresh, young director with a lot of potential. The Last Airbender and After Earth quickly destroyed the glimmer of hope that there would be a film better than The Sixth Sense from M. Night. The Visit showed that there is still hope…

The Visit is a found-footage light horror/comedy film following two kids as they visit their grandparents for the first time. The grandparents start off seeming like nice people but then quickly start to display some psychotic/creepy behaviours.

The reason I stated that The Visit is part comedy is because it comedically pulls off a scary concept. Most modern horror films feature characters entering haunted houses or schools at night, whereas The Visit takes a simple situation (visiting family members) and makes you stop wanting to visit your grandparents. Even though the film is scary and it does contain the same amount of jump-scares as you would hope to find in a horror film, it does start off as a very light family comedy. And it keeps a slightly humorous sense throughout.

M. Night Shyamalan is often mocked for his use of twist endings, so of course there’s going to be one in The Visit. Surprisingly, this one’s twist is actually moving the story along (opposed to The Happening, which turned everything that happened before the twist into a joke) which is a nice change.

The acting is great from all the cast, which shouldn’t be very hard as there were about 10 people on screen in total. I especially liked the performance from Peter McRobbie, who played the grandfather.

The Visit is a satisfying horror film with a fresh and original script and great acting. However it is still a horror film and if you don’t enjoy being scared then don’t watch this.

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