Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – movie review


If a film about World War 1 in Arabia is nearly 4 hours long, it better be really really good. And thank god for David Lean’s amazing resume, it almost was.

Lawrence of Arabia follows T.E. Lawrence (brilliantly portrayed by Peter O’Toole), a flamboyant soldier in the British military during World War 1, who is sent to assess an Arabian Prince who’s leading a revolt against the Turks. Lawrence then leads 50 Arabs in a long trek across the Arabian desert in a strategically strong move to capture the town Aqaba, which takes up about 75% of the movie.

Lawrence of Arabia is one the best quality films that I’ve seen in my life, but I didn’t enjoy it. You’re not going to laugh, you’re not going to have a smile on your face accompanying a happy ending. You’re not going to scream “hell yea” at the screen when a battle scene comes on. You’re going to sit there and watch a well made film about a happy man becoming mad during one of the darkest times in the last century that goes on for 4 HOURS.

The main character isn’t an amazing insight into human emotion, however the actor portraying the character is amazing. Peter O’Toole is my number 2 choice for best performance of 1962 (number 1 being Sean Connery in Dr. No) and Omar Sharif is good too.

The cinematography is stunning in Lawrence of Arabia. From start to finish, you’re either seeing beautiful city shots (mainly at the beginning and end) or a vast, figureless desert (the other 90%).

How David Lean was able to direct something this vast is beyond my comprehension. I do give him props for that, but if he was able to cut it down in length and make it a bit more enjoyable, I would’ve liked it more.

Lawrence of Arabia is a masterpiece in filmmaking, however it isn’t an experience I would want again. It’s like Ben-Hur, just way too long.

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