Ant-Man (2015) – movie review


Avengers: Age of Ultron was a great film from Marvel but it was more serious than previous Marvel films. It missed the general superhero feel of Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk and felt more like a change for the genre. I prefer the old style of superhero films which is why I enjoyed watching Ant-Man.

Paul Rudd plays the titular character and does so with a feel of traditional superhero that we lack in Chris Pratt or Chris Evans. Paul Rudd is known for being generally funny and so brings a comedic touch to this film.

Michael Douglas is perfectly cast to play a superhero’s mentor. He’s got the look, the voice and the beard to do it.

Edgar Wright (the greatest director known to mankind) was originally set to direct Ant-Man but left due to creative differences. This was slightly upsetting until I heard that Wright allowed them (Marvel) to use his script anyway which means that we still get the genuine British action-comedy humour that he is known for.

There is more humour in Ant-Man than most Marvel films although the comedy doesn’t overtake the action. It’s still a superhero film, just with a few laughs spread throughout. There is no deep immersive backstory in Ant-Man, and it doesn’t take 30 minutes to tell you why the villain is a villain. It just gives you a simple motif and sends you straight into the action.

In terms of directing, production and cinematography, it’s all pretty standard and the acting from the rest of the cast is pretty alright. But it is a good superhero film and entertaining action/comedy. So if you just want a enjoyable movie (rather than a great one), go see Ant-Man.

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