Far from Men (2015) – movie review


Viggo Mortensen (commonly referred to as Aragorn) stars in this French drama set in 1950s Algeria as Daru, a teacher obliged to escort a prisoner to trial. The film follows the journey and the conversations between Daru and Mohamed (the prisoner) as they suffer the pains of nature and humanity.

Part of Far from Men‘s brilliance lies in the hands of the two main actors (Viggo Mortensen and Radu Kateb) who deliver such powerful performances as men following their own moral compasses.

Albert Camus’s novel, Loin des hommes, probably makes writing such an emotional script look easy. It took me five full days to actually get my mind working normally again. Simply by using dialogue and great acting (set in the middle of absolutely nowhere), Far from Men touches all the emotions that you’d like to avoid (sadness, fear, anger, hate, guilt, etc.).

The cinematography is almost perfect, however there were too many back shots of Viggo Mortensen staring at the arid mountains. And the directing didn’t display anything incredible. But this film isn’t about vast landscapes and epic battles, it’s about a series of conversations and emotions that will most likely change your life, at least a little bit. I know it’s changed mine.

Far from Men is a film that asks us to choose life, I’m asking you to choose to see this film.

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