Inside Out (2015) – movie review


First, Pixar gave emotions to toys. Then it gave emotions to bugs. Then fish. Then rats. Then robots, dogs, birds, cars, bears and pretty much anything that exists. And now it has given emotions to emotions. As expected, it’s emotional.

Disney is known for pumping out up to 30 films a year (which are guaranteed to contain some straight-to-DVD sequels that aren’t necessary) whereas Pixar is known for carefully producing one masterpiece every 3-4 years. Which explains the hype for Inside Out.

Inside Out is an animated film about a girl moving to a new city and her conflicting emotions. That’s the simple explanation. Inside Out switches back and forth between a deeply touching animated adventure that WILL make you cry and a deeply touching character study that will ALSO make you cry.

I felt that Inside Out was a bit short yet it didn’t feel cut-off. It just feels like the story could’ve been stretched out a bit more. The animation was a bit more cartoony than previous films (not as good quality as Monsters, Inc.) and there wasn’t as much “style” as Ratatouille (if that makes any sense).

However Inside Out does pluck at the heartstrings and it will stay with me for a long time if you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth seeing.

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