Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) – movie review

Poster - Kind Hearts and Coronets_03

I know that when most people think of black and white films, they’ll think of soppy romantic dramas like Casablanca and Brief Encounter like films. I hope that one day, people can hear “black and white films” and think of great comedies like Kind Hearts and Coronets.

Kind Hearts and Coronets follows Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) who’s mother had been cheated by her rich family for marrying a lowlife opera singer, and is cut off financially. When the she dies, Louis seeks out to obtain the family fortune by slowly murdering the family members one by one (all played by Alec Guinness).

Dennis Price’s character was quite clearly the inspiration for The Simpsons‘s “Sideshow Bob” with his sophisticated and menacing voice/mind.

Alec Guinness was particularly funny in all eight of his roles as the D’Ascoyne family and shows off his prestigious acting skills.

Kind Hearts and Coronets was (from what I can gather) the first true dark comedy, in it’s ability to seem horrific in plot yet hilarious in tone. Especially Dennis Price’s narration through every single murder.

I can’t remember any iconic scenes that stood out in the film but I can recall a few snippets spread out. And despite it’s “dark” status as a comedy I found it a surprisingly light watch. So I’m not demanding that you see this film before you die, but it is a good film, it is a light watch and it is funny.

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