Jackie Brown (1997) – movie review


Before Jamie Foxx wanted revenge (Django Unchained), before Brad Pitt wanted 100 Nazi scalps (Inglorious Basterds), before Uma Thurman was buried alive (Kill Bill: Vol. 2) there was Jackie Brown.

Pam Grier stars as Jackie Brown, an air hostess who gets involved in a cash smuggling    operation planned by firearm-dealer Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) which gets intercepted by ATF Agents Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) and Mark Dargus (Michael Bowen). Robert De Niro has a small supporting role as Ordell’s old friend who helps on the cash smuggling operation.

Jackie Brown tried to avoid the signature Tarantino style of filmmaking. The story’s told in order (Un-Tarantino), there are 4 deaths in the film overall (Un-Tarantino) and there aren’t any interesting concepts for the story. Reservoir Dogs was a robbery film where you never see the robbery, that was it’s wow-factor. Jackie Brown had no wow-factor. It was about a woman smuggling cash and we see a woman smuggling cash. Everything you expected to happen, happened.

None of the actors were particularly bad, but none of them stood out. Robert De Niro did shine for the few brief moments he was on screen though.

Come to think of it, nothing was particularly bad about Jackie Brown, but nothing stood out. The story is thrilling enough to keep you watching, and the dialogue is Tarantino enough to keep you listening, but there isn’t anything to keep you thinking.

All-in-all, Jackie Brown isn’t a bad film. But it’s not great. It is a-little-above-average crime film.

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One thought on “Jackie Brown (1997) – movie review

  1. You know – here’s a spooky thing. Just a few weeks ago I watched Jackie Brown (again). It’s been a few years since I saw this movie and I remember thinking it was good so I loaded up with packets of crisps and hunkered down and you know what – It wasn’t particularly bad, but then nothing stood out either. It wasn’t bad, but then it wasn’t that great. All I can say is – if I had waited for Tim’s movie review I might have reconsidered my evening’s entertainment …


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