North by Northwest (1959) – movie review


A while ago, I tried to watch North by Northwest but after the first few scenes I started to think that I was going to be bored. I wasn’t bored at the time, I was afraid of being bored. So I gave up, but today, I tried again. And I’m really glad that I stuck with it because once the action starts, it doesn’t stop.

Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) is just a regular joe who works at an advertising company who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is mistaken by criminals to be one George Kaplan, a gentleman who may know what they’re up to. When Roger finds himself wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, he must search for the answers whilst keeping his head low.

The story is captivating even though it jumps around quite a bit. It jumps setting, behaviour and even genre (one second it’s Romance, then it’s Comedy, then it’s Action).

Cary Grant brings humour to this already engaging thriller and makes it even more watchable. Although you will feel frustrated for his character at times (a bit cringeworthy).

The soundtrack is average for it’s era of film, and the sound quality is a bit crinkly. The cinematography is average during conversation scenes, but during moving scenes and other silent shots it is beautiful.

There are many famous and memorable scenes which make North by Northwest a legendary Alfred Hitchcock film that you must-see if you haven’t.

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