Terminator: Genisys (2015) – movie review


The classic Arnold terminator that we all know and love (“I’ll be back” etc.) isn’t the centre of this story, he’s merely a chauffeur for Daenerys and the other bloke. You know, him.

The story is pretty predictable (if you’ve seen the originals) and as always they’re playing it out as if it’s the final one but we all know it’ll just be a matter of time before they reveal the next one.

The action’s been upgraded from the last two yet it doesn’t quite reach Judgement Day quality. The acting is average, the cinematography isn’t anything special, the sound effects are a bit meh. But the music’s alright!

Like I previously mentioned, Schwarzenegger isn’t the villain of the story, he isn’t the hero, he isn’t the sidekick, he’s the chauffeur. He jumps in the action every once in a while but he’s really just there because if he wasn’t, no one would see it.

And even though the story isn’t in the slightest bit captivating, the action starts at the beginning and doesn’t end until the credits start rolling. Which is all I expect from a decent action film.

It’s not the greatest action film of the year, and it’s not the worst. It’s just a bit below the halfway point. And it is a Terminator film after all so if you enjoyed the originals, give this a try but don’t be expecting a masterpiece.

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