Love & Mercy (2015) – movie review


Before seeing Love & Mercy, The Beach Boys were just the generic 60s band that made that song in the Cadbury ad. After seeing Love & Mercy, they’re the band that showcased the musical genius of Brian Wilson.

Love & Mercy is two stories in one about the same person, Brian Wilson. The first story is The Beach Boys at the peak of their success and the recording of Pet Sounds where Brian really expressed his talents, and his growing mental health issues. The second story is Brian long past the break-up of The Beach Boys, meeting his second wife and his 24 hour monitoring from abusive doctor Eugene Landy.

The 1960s Brian Wilson is brilliantly portrayed by Paul Dano (a highly underrated actor) and the 1980s Brian is also brilliantly portrayed by John Cusack, who plays the scared, troubled genius. And Paul Giammati delivers a powerhouse performance as Eugene (someone get this man an Oscar!).

As I have previously mentioned, the soundtrack for Love & Mercy is brilliant (because it’s all Beach Boys), although there is nothing stand-out in the cinematography and visuals.

The story is interesting and the acting is spot on, and it’s about a rock-star, what’s not to love? I already claim this to be the best film of the year (so far) so I seriously recommend that you see Love & Mercy wherever you can because it’s in limited release.

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