Jurassic World (2015) – movie review


“We have a T-Rex!”; the words from the first Jurassic Park that lingered in my mind as I patiently waited for an actual T-Rex.

Jurassic World follows two semi-excited brothers as their parents so casually send them off to their death… I mean Jurassic World. And the brother’s aunt who works at the aforementioned guillotine… I mean theme park. And a raptor trainer, apparently they are very sought after in the business world.

As you can expect from the trailer, the previous instalments or common sense, the happy family destination will quickly turn into a feeding ground for the superbly animated dinosaurs.

Jurassic World is a near-perfect example of how to make a sequel, it took everything good about the previous films and enhanced them (YAY!), although it also took everything bad about the previous films and enhanced them (BOO!). The story isn’t continued from the last films but it doesn’t write them off either.

There may be more dinosaurs, more visitors, larger theme park and more gore in this instalment, but there are also unnecessary plot points, overly stereotyped characters and the T-Rex doesn’t arrive until the VERY END OF THE FILM!!! One of my biggest problems with this film is that the T-Rex’s roar sounds nothing like the original, which is a disappointment.

But it does keep the notable Jurassic theme tune to make you remember the sense of awe you had when you saw the original. Not to mention stunning visuals and general badass popcorn entertainment.

So Jurassic World does have it’s faults, yet it has enough positives to keep you satisfied and feeling like you just saw a trademark Spielberg film.

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