Slow West (2015) – movie review


Hollywood needs to take a look at more indie films like Slow West to realise that you don’t need a huge budget and an all star cast to make a good film.

Slow West follows Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) as he travels across America in search of his girlfriend who’s been outlawed. Midway through his embark, Scottish ex-bounty hunter Silas (Michael Fassbender) feels that Jay will die very quickly if he continues on his own. So Silas and Jay trek the mid-west along with a few hiccups and humorous moments. Along with some beautiful wide shot views.

Slow West doesn’t follow most popular western movie tropes as it isn’t filled with non-stop horse chases, endless gunfights or buckets of fake blood wasted on set. It pulls it’s own weight through clever and intriguing dialogue. Although it does have a huge gunfight at the end but that’s just one part of it.

The ending scenario however was a tad disappointing and not how I would’ve wanted it to end. But the conclusion isn’t so bad that it ruins the movie, it’s just a little clunky.

Slow West is showing in limited release so I suggest that you see it while you still can. If not, it should be airing on TV pretty soon.

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