Black Sheep (2007) – movie review


When someone told me that there was a film about killer zombie sheep in New Zealand, I knew I had to see it. Now I’m glad I did.

Black Sheep is a New Zealand made film about cannibalistic sheep overtaking a farm… there really isn’t much else to say. The surprise is that it’s actually pretty good!

Unlike most modern horror films with farfetched plots, Black Sheep doesn’t ask the viewer to take it seriously. The characters and tone may be serious, but the script makes sure it doesn’t come across as such. There’s a bit of humour to seal the deal.

During the first 10 minutes of this film, I was thinking “This is absolute garbage”. But as the story progressed, Black Sheep started unveiling itself as a surprisingly good watch.

So don’t be fooled by the title and cover; Black Sheep is an unexpected laugh, but if you dislike gore then I suggest you give this a miss.

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