The Usual Suspects (1995) – movie review


This weekend I saw two powerhouse Kevin Spacey performances in two well made films released in the span of 5 years. These two films were of course American Beauty and The Usual Suspects. And since The Usual Suspects left me more moved (and gobsmacked) than ever, I decided to review it over American Beauty.

The Usual Suspects follows Verbal Kint’s (Kevin Spacey) story about how 5 seemingly random criminals ended up on the same Police line up and eventually grouped to a job for a mysterious mob boss whom they have never seen. And it just becomes more complicated from there.

Kevin Spacey definitely stole the show as the crippled Verbal Kint and deserved the Oscar for his performance.

I have seen this film on many “greatest films” lists and have been pushed to see it by countless friends and I never saw the fuss, but now I do.

This film is truly storytelling of the highest order and I suggest that if you haven’t seen it, that you do so immediately. And the first viewing is the best so make it count… and pay attention.

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