The DUFF (2015) – movie review


I love walking into a film expecting a film to be bad and it turns out good.

This was one of those situations except instead of confusing my expectations of the quality, The Duff confused my expectations of the genre. Which (if you were wondering) is a bad thing.

This film very cleverly reeled me in with intentions of seeing a 100 minute comedy when in fact I saw a 20 minute comedy and an 80 minute cliche marathon. The first 20 minutes is a relatable comedy with references and jokes that will only make sense to people 25 years old and under. Whilst the rest of it is a predictable romantic high school chick flick.

Mae Whitman however did play the part well, yet the part is just too one sided. In fact, every actor played their part well, yet they were all too one sided. Ken Jeong did stand out as he provided laughs every time he was on screen (however short that number is). The ending and characters actions are all predictable from the intro to the incredibly short end homecoming scene. So if you were planning on seeing a comedy and wanted to go see The Duff? Don’t fall into the same trap as I did. If you were looking for a typical high school chick flick? Then see this.

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2 thoughts on “The DUFF (2015) – movie review

  1. ‘Cliche marathon’ is a very accurate description of so many movies delivered by Hollywood. Isn’t it wonderful that independent TV writers have come up with splendidly directed and acted series like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Madmen’.
    Looking forward to seeing ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. Loved the first one.


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