Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) – movie review


I walked into this movie with an open mind. And walked out with a surprised one.

Kingsman: The Secret Service not only homages classic spy films (much like those in the James Bond franchise) but takes the genre a step further by adding incredibly well choreographed fight scenes as well as the fulfilling class that is lacking in modern films.

But this Matthew Vaughn flick isn’t all explosions and tea. It does have a level of seriousness that keeps it afloat as more than just a simple action-comedy.

Colin Firth can now put “Certified Badass” on his resume and Samuel L. Jackson can enter “Memorable Villain” on his. As well as newcomer Taron Egerton kicking off his career with one hell of a spy film.

With every scene as action packed, classy, hilarious and well shot as the last, this one is not worth missing.

To sum this film up with one word: Badass

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