Airplane! (1980) – movie review


I can’t think of a harder task than finding a film with as many ridiculously funny punch lines as Airplane.  Only the Zucker brothers could turn a scenario as tragic as a plane crash into a laugh-a-second romp.

Leslie Nielson (The Doctor) steals the show with a very serious delivery of the silliest lines alongside a whole cast providing at least 3 massive laughs each.

The comedy is evenly split among visual and audio and is done so perfectly, that most modern comedies have to compare themselves to Monty Python, Woody Allen and (you guessed it) Airplane.

This film doesn’t have a single non-comedic moment in it and therefore you can’t look away, in fear you may miss what everyone is laughing at. So if you are ever planning on making a collection of the greatest comedies ever made… you have to add Airplane. Or Flying High. Or whatever the release name was in your country.

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