The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

Words cannot describe my love and admiration for this critically acclaimed British comedy film trilogy. For those of you who don’t know what The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy is, it is a trilogy of comedy films that don’t follow the same story but do have linking factors. Such as a repeating cast & crew, running gags and the same dark tone. So here are my (mini) reviews of the three films.

Shaun of the Dead (2004):


When Quentin Tarentino claims a film to be one of the greatest films of all time, then you know that it must be good. This “zom-rom-com” perfectly combines comedy, romance and horror to make one hell of a standard. Shaun of the Dead has been recognized as not only one of the greatest zombie films, but as one of the greatest comedies of all time. Along with a nerve-setting soundtrack this makes for one badass comedy.

Hot Fuzz (2007):


Even though Hot Fuzz is hilarious, it still doesn’t have the same comedic power as Shaun of the Dead, but Hot Fuzz definitely trumps in the action department.

There is some impressive cinematography, which is only shown for seconds at a time (what a shame), and the actors all came through on their characters. The gunfights in this film also make for some pretty good popcorn entertainment.

The World’s End (2013):


The World’s End is the complete package. Hilarious writing, a respectable and memorable science fiction concept, brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, an intense soundtrack, an original protagonist and a robot overlord with Bill Nighy’s voice are all present in this underrated masterpiece. The actors pulled their weight, the special effects came through and the director was hard at work. I can’t find anything bad to say about this other than that the story escalates pretty quickly. But other than that, this is one of my favorite films of all time.

What did you think of The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy? What’s your favorite of the trilogy? What is your least favorite of the trilogy? Leave your comments on the side and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page.


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