The Underrated & Overrated Films of 2014

Sadly, in Hollywood, the masterpieces don’t always get recognised and the piles of garbage often do. I’m not saying that all the “overrated” films on this list are absolute trash, just that they were maybe a little (or a lot) overrated and vice versa. So here’s my unorganised list of the underrated and overrated films of 2014.

The Interview (Underrated)


I was able to view a (practically deserted) showing of The Interview at my local cinema, and was incredibly amused at the humour and action of this James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy targeted at Kim Jong-Un. After all the controversy and nuclear threats toward Sony concerning the release of this film, I was just hoping that it was worth the fuss, and luckily it was. Due to the box office and critical failure of this film stacked against my opinion on The Interview, I rank this film underrated.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (Overrated)


This Michael Bay explosion-a-minute mess was welcomed into the cinemas with high anticipation and box office success, which it clearly didn’t deserve. The Transformers film from 2008 was average to say the most, with some fairly decent humour and popcorn standard action. This sequel on the other hand is filled with below decent acting from everyone except T.J. Miller and Mark Wahlberg, boring action and NO HUGO WEAVING! The fact that this film was still able to become the highest grossing film of the year baffles me. It is with great satisfaction that I dub this film overrated.

Foxcatcher (Underrated)


Bennett Miller was able to bring his filmmaking brilliance (and his flair for true stories) to let the cinemagoers know of the interesting and powerful story of Mark Schultz and John Du Pont to the big screen, only to be received with a loss of 10 million dollars and a Best Picture snub. At least Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo are being nominated, but that’s not enough to reward this films brilliance. This masterpiece is straight up underrated.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Overrated)


I will admit this Marvel superhero film did have some enjoyable moments, but not enough to be considered “the greatest film of the year” as thought so by many. I put this film as #7 on my Top 10 List of the year, but a lot of people would have put it at #1, and I just can’t agree with that. I hereby dub this film overrated.

A Most Wanted Man (Underrated)


Andrew Bovell’s spy-thriller screenplay starring big name stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams and Willem Dafoe is a sure-sounding success right? Wrong. This film made my Top 10 list for a reason, and that reason is that this film is bloody good. So answer my question as to why this film didn’t receive a single Oscar nod? This film may have generated enough box office revenue to make back it’s budget, but it still didn’t make enough to stay in cinemas for long. This film (in my limited opinion) is highly underrated.

The Lego Movie (Overrated)


This colourful animation film pitched entirely on the success of the toy franchise is one that can be enjoyed by any kid with the slightest interest in Lego. And it may be entertaining to older audiences if you have a bout of patience in your body. But if you have the decency to tell the difference between a good film and a mediocre, big budget, hype fuelled, wannabe Toy Story. Then you should be able to classify this film by yourself. This film is very highly overrated.

There you go, my sheer opinion. What did you think was underrated and overrated? What were your opinions on The Lego Movie and The Interview? Leave your comments on the side, and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page.


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