Site Disclaimer and Comments Policy (Boring Informative Post)

Comments Policy:

Everything written in text on this blog is my opinion (unless it’s a comment written by someone else in which case it’s their opinion).

If I consider your comment to be offensive and/or disrespectful, I retain the right to edit and delete it.

I also retain the right to write as I please on my posts, if you find one of my posts may be offensive or disrespectful, you are free to express your opinion on that remark in the comments and I will consider whether I change it or not (that doesn’t necessarily mean I will change it). In the meantime, you may have to put with my sassiness and different opinions.

Religious or Political Comments:

Please consider carefully before you feel obligated to share your religious or political views on this website.

This website is about films and the love of good films, I respect your right to an opinion, but this is a film blog, I mean seriously.

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