This is a website. Not necessarily a glamorous social website owned by a billionaire conglomerate (looking at you Mark Zuckerberg) but still, it’s a website.

I wouldn’t expect you to stare at your screen with the lights dimmed repeatedly pressing refresh, but you could do that on Sundays (when I post).

Things to know about me;

-I’m Australian.

-I’m open to watching any and all genres of film (except pornography and animation involving Disney princesses).

-I’m a big fan of Tenacious D, thick crust pizza, Edgar Wright, Spaced, film history, gaming and British comedy.

-I’m not a fan of boy bands, thin crust pizza, Michael Bay, Tosh.O, physical activity, trying on clothes and reality TV.

-The title of the blog is a reference to the 1963 Bond film From Russia With Love (incase you didn’t pick up on that already).

-I love getting free tickets.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews! Although your refusal to watch Disney princess films is crazy short-sighted – Frozen can and should change your mind forever


  2. I meant to add…that “The Grand Budapast Hotel” was a masterpiece of film making, whilst “The Theory of Everything” was a joy to behold….and I can imagine that it was not a very fashionable proposition when it was first suggested to the film makers!!!!!


  3. Anyone that is a fan of British Comedy is alright as far as I am concerned – so long as you have Hancock’s Half Hour, The Navy Lark, Mock The Week etc. on your list…ha, ha, ha! Great site Tim…, .


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