Okay, I have a genuine Star Wars theory now…

Having just returned from a second viewing of The Last Jedi, I have gathered evidence (which may or may not be remembered correctly) to suggest that Rey’s parents may be more familiar than we think… Continue reading “Okay, I have a genuine Star Wars theory now…”


Top 12 Best Films of 2017

It’s the end of the year. Good movies came out. LET’S TALK ABOUT THEM.

I couldn’t be bothered to rank these so I’ll be listing these by runtime – that makes sense… right? – my favourite film of the year will be listed last though because I’m clearly not a madman. Continue reading “Top 12 Best Films of 2017”

Top 7 Worst Film Endings

People say first impressions are the most important and for most situations, this is probably true. But with films, it’s different. Entering a cinema, you’ve almost already made a commitment to stay in an allocated seat for a couple of hours while you’re either whisked away into a mystical land of escapism or you’re bored stiff: constantly checking your watch; shovelling away at your popcorn; and thinking about the fact that you didn’t buy a ticket for Baby Driver. Continue reading “Top 7 Worst Film Endings”